Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Round Three??

So...here we are again...I'm a horrible blogger!  I want to be better, so I'm going to officially put my new years resolutions out there.  Maybe, by making it public, I'll actually follow through with a few.

So here they are:

1.  Obviously!  Blog more than once a year.  I'm aiming for twice a month, but we'll see how it goes :S
2.  Get healthy.  That may seem like a cliche as far as new years resolutions go, but I was really on a role before all of Owen's seizure stuff (that'll be a whole other post on its own!)  I need to get back too it, because I was feeling really good...
3.  I have very little control over this one, but I would really like to make less CHEO trips this year.  We're seriously considered frequent flyers in emerg at this point :S
4.  Organize my home.  That's a tall order, but any little bit will help.
5.  Finish my Critical Care Certificate at Algonquin.

I feel confident that I can knock a few of those off (or partially off) my list this year.  Hopefully I'll have a positive report in a years time...

I think Felix, however, felt pressure to get one more CHEO visit in before the new year.  He fell out of bed last night and must have fallen directly on his face.  He split his lower lip wide open!  Even I, with my medical background, had a hard time looking at it.  After a 4 hour trip to emerg in the middle of the night, Felix is ending the year with a bang (bwa-haha), and three stitches in his lip.  He was very brave, and they were able to do it without sedation.  He's on a soft diet until we can get him in to see the dentist as he has a "contusion" on his front, right tooth.  He's definitely enjoying his popsicle binge though!

 Felix before his stitches...and right after throwing up all over some lady's shoes :S

Felix with his stitched, swollen lips.  Can't take his eyes off his video game...