Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not so crazy craziness...

It has been SUCH a crazy week!  Owen started school and piano lessons.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in town from Vancouver so we spent Monday and Tuesday at Uncle Bob and Tante Rolande's cottage..  I hosted a dinner party for seven on retrospect it doesn't sound THAT crazy...but it sure felt insane!

Yesterday we went out to Orleans to visit my parents and ended up going up to the Mer Bleue boardwalk.  I haven't been there in years!  I can't believe I hadn't thought to bring the kids there sooner.  It was really fascinating and beautiful.  It made me want to do a school project on bogs!

It's great for kids because they know they are expected to stay on the boardwalk, so they can't take off too far on you.  They had a really great time (and so did I).  I'm waiting for the pictures my dad took and will post them when/if I get them...

In some sad news...Glenda and Mike are leaving me :(  I'm not very good at pretending I'm happy they live out West.  But I do love them and wish them safe travels....

A little canoe trip that happened on Tuesday at Uncle Bob and Tante Rolande's cottage.

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  1. We'll be back for another visit soon, I promise! :)